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Janet Roberts

And the Promos Keep on Coming!
By Janet Roberts

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For a long time now, email newsletters have operated under the radar of the online world. Almost all of the attention goes to Web sites: how to write for them, design cool features for them, make them pay. Still, newsletters chugged along, building readership and an advertising base that has waxed and waned, although not as drastically as Web-based advertising.

All of a sudden, in the last month or so, people seem to have rediscovered the newsletter as an effective, relatively low-cost device to share information, direct traffic to a Web site, sell products or boost a brand name. Gaw-lee, Andy! I've seen more "how to create an ezine" stories and breathless promos to boost circulation and ad revenue in the last four weeks than in the previous seven months since I first signed on to List-Universe.

I'm still checking these out, but maybe you've come across them, too: EzineADventure, EzineAnnouncer (thanks to reader CoachMaria for passing that one on), "'Deep Discount' Ad Packages," Ezine.Tactics and so on.

Got any strong feelings about these programs? I don't want to cast aspersions, but they turn me off a little because the writing is so hyperbolic, so over-the-top, that it sets off the ol' scam detector. If you have had tremendous success (as a client or purchaser, that is), let me know.

I decided to check out one of the ezine-submission services that promises to submit your newsletter to more than 100 list-announce mailing lists and directory Web sites for a certain sum. So far, 17 of the 74 announcement mailing lists don't exist anymore. Only about 10 of the 59 Web sites listed look like good, reliable sources; the others either 404'd, required affliate deals or had nothing to do with listing newsletters (one was , which is us!)

Which 10 were those? I'll report on them next week.

Ezine-Tips for November 15, 2001

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