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Janet Roberts

Another Free Survey Resource: SurveyMonkey
By Janet Roberts

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A few Ezine-Tips ago, I mentioned a great free survey resource, Zoomerang. Astute reader Dave Contera also pointed me to SurveyMonkey, saying it "is a much better survey value and except for the template feature of Zoomerang, SurveyMonkey is a much better and considerably cheaper alternative. We include a survey in every other issue."

Because the Ezine-Tip was on free resources as opposes to buying a service, I thanked Dave for his tip and went about my business. Wouldn't you know, after I went back to SurveyMonkey for something else, I found the site does have a free service worth mentioning.

Both SurveyMonkey and Zoomerang have free and subscriber components, and both make you work a little to find the freebies. That's okay; once you track them down, the free areas are fairly comparable.

SurveyMonkey gives you a maximum of 10 questions per survey but reports results from up to 100 respondents. Zoomerang lets you ask 20 questions but reports only on the first 50 answers.

Zoomerang also has loads of templates for building surveys, and they're prettier. SurveyMonkey leaves you on your own a bit more, and the design is fairly basic, but if you don't have to have a magazine-quality look, you'll be in business.

Both perform basic analysis on results and report them in an easy-to-read graphical format. The analyses are comparable, although it appears to me that SurveyMonkey allows you to dig a little deeper into the responses.

Remember that both of these are free services; so, you shouldn't expect to build an entire feedback program around them. Also, these are not Web-site polls, those one- to four-question radio-button polls that go on your Web site. Still, if you want an organized way to sample reader feedback, either one would serve.

If you want to see what other surveying information is out there, SurveyMonkey's pricing page includes a comprehensive list of links to comparable services.

Here are the URLs to check out the two services head to head:

To see the original Ezine-Tip on Zoomerang, click here.

Ezine-Tips for January 21, 2002

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