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Christopher Knight

Blogger's Must Email Every New Blog Entry
By Christopher Knight

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So you finally did it. You decided to create your new blog and you even got in the rhythm of adding new posts almost every day or every other day. You've got a few hundred posts but no one seems to be commenting yet on any of your entries. What's missing?

If you guessed the "email publishing" component, you win the prize.

If you surf the net and go visit some of even the very best or most popular blogs, you'll find that only a tiny fraction of them allow you to receive an email notification when there is a new entry. It's as if they have all falsely assumed that because they know what an RSS reader is, that all of their readers will have RSS readers installed. Bzzzzt, wrong!

What's going on here? Here's the scoop in a nutshell: It's RSS herd mentality. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it's the defacto way that blog readers are alerted to new blog post entries. In fact, a blog is just not a blog without RSS for the distribution component.

Now, unless you're "Mr. or Ms. Super Blogger," there is a good chance that you don't have the draw or the popularity or the amount of time blogging to have a solid RSS readership base yet. This is where today's Ezine-Tips is here to help you.

Add an email announcement list to your blog today.

Step #1) Figure out how you're going to add an email list to your blog.

Don't even think about doing it manually as that's an absurd waste of your time. It must be automated to collect email addresses of people who want to subscribe or unsubscribe to your blog emails as well as manage the distribution of each post, processes bounces, provide reporting, etc. You must use an email list server or the email notification module built into your blogging software or CMS (Content Management System).

Step #2) Create your blog email template.

This is the design of the emails, whether they are going to be HTML or TEXT, and the basic template that each of your new entries are going to go into after you create them. Simple is in.

For mine, I do TEXT format with the TITLE, Date and ARTICLE SUMMARY with a link to the full article. My goal is to bring them from email back to my blog so they can read the rest of the entry and add a comment if they're inspired to do so.

You should also create the welcome & good bye message template at this time, just like you would if you were creating a new ezine.

Step #3) Determine if you're going to automate the sending of the emails or if you want to send each email manually after a new blog entry is created.

The easiest thing to do would be to setup an automated delivery of your new blog posts via email whenever a new entry is created. In the publishing field, we call this "Publish Once, Print Many." I don't prefer full automation because I might post 2-4 new blog entries in a day but I only want to send 1 email a day to my blog email notification list. The choice is up to you, but it's a good idea to not slam your email members with hundreds of emails in a given month due to frequent blogging unless you let them know up front of the volume.

Step #4) Promote your new blog email notification service.

Tell your ezine audience about it. Let your RSS readers know about it. Promote it on your website and on every page of your blog template. Do all of the same strategies you would to promote your ezine.

Adding An Email Notification To Your Blog Conclusion:

Blog publishing is really no different than ezine publishing…so add an email delivery component to your blog and watch your ROI from your blogging investment time grow instantly. Within a few months, you'll find that your blog email notifications reach your blog readers who don't have an RSS reader installed and your blog popularity will grow without much additional effort once the email list is setup.

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Ezine-Tips for April 02, 2005

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