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Christopher Knight

Boost Your Email Newsletter Subscription Conversions With This Smart Ezine Strategy
By Christopher Knight

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Today, you'll discover two strategies to improve your ezine subscription conversion rate. SUBSCRIPTION CONVERSION RATE DEFINED: Your conversion rate is the number of new subscriptions you receive divided by the total number of unique visitors to your website (or squeeze page) each day.

The first ezine new subscription conversion strategy is RISK REVERSAL:

Risk reversal is when you remove the risk from the buyer and put the burden of client satisfaction on your shoulders instead of your buyers. In the case of email newsletters, the risk of someone giving up their email address is that they will be sold, spammed or abused in some way. Most ezine publishers already put something like this below their subscription box: "Your email address will never be sold or rented" and this is a good thing to add or at least test to see if it improves your conversion rate. But, here's something that is worth a test: Add this immediately before your commitment to never sell or rent their email address: "No obligation." AND/OR "Nothing to buy." This will set the mind of your prospective reader that you most likely won't hammer them with solo-mailings or pitch-fests hoping they will buy something.

The next ezine subscription response boosting strategy may not be for everyone, especially affiliate marketers:

Problem: It seems that almost every ezine that I'm subscribed to has a publisher who is an affiliate of 20-50 different programs resulting in me getting pitched the same crap that every marketer is pitching... and sometimes, they even solo-mail me the same insulting email pitch that their affiliate program manager sent them to pitch me with. Solution: If you want to increase your results as being hype-free or affiliate-free, then say so with something simple like: "I am not an affiliate for anyone" - Translation: I won't pitch you the same drivel that every marketer is pitching. Ok, now don't be mad at me because I just gave a recommendation that I can't follow myself as my affiliate revenue is a healthy component to my multiple revenue streams... but if you are not an affiliate of anyone and won't be using that revenue stream, I know you can offer very real perceived value by stating you're not an "affiliate of anyone" under your subscription signup form. Special credit to copywriting expert, Gary Bencivenga, who inspired today's Ezine-Tips. You can learn more about Gary here.

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Ezine-Tips for November 27, 2006

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