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Janet Roberts

Borrow a Paid-Subscription Tactic To Promote Your Free Ezine
By Janet Roberts

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Publishers of paid-subscription ezines use a familiar tactic to lure their free-ezine readers into handing over cash for the premium edition: "Subscribers to our premium edition also get to read about . . ."

If you publish a free ezine, you can use this tactic as well when you promote your ezine in appropriate places. As an example, we cite Meg Weaver, who discussed her newsletter and database recently in Ezine-Tips (references below).

Meg subscribes to a number of discussion groups that focus on writers, especially free-lancers. On days when she publishes her free Wooden Horse News Alert ezine, detailing current events and article leads, she also posts an abbreviated version to the groups.

At the end, she posts this notice: "Also, subscribers to our free News Alert newsletter received additional market information on the newspaper LA OPINION and magazines HAPPY HALLOWEEN and HOMESTYLE. You can sign up on the site or just email me at for a free subscription."

This hits the promotion mark on several counts: She's posting in groups where the members - freelance writers, especially article writers - will be interested in the information and open to subscribing. She's passing along some useful information. She's also teasing readers to get the newsletters by letting them know what they're missing.

You have to be careful when you do this, to be sure only to post where you are certain members will be receptive to your message. If the group's guidelines clearly prohibit self-promotion, don't risk it.

Beyond that, Meg's approach is an excellent way to promote yourself for free, using tactics that work for premium ezines.

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Ezine-Tips for October 12, 2001

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