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Janet Roberts

Buyers Aren't Subscribers (Yet)
By Janet Roberts

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Mario Pagnoni, who publishes an infectiously enthusiastic email newsletter called the Joy of Bocce Weekly, is wondering whether he can add people who buy products at his Web site to his newsletter:

"My subscribers 'opt in' either from my Web site or through's list building service. If someone purchases a product from my Web site (which is a pretty focused niche - bocce players or fans), is it acceptable for me to add that person's email address to my subscriber list, or should I only suggest to them that they opt in for my ezine and tell them how to go about subscribing?"

The best advice is don't add anyone who hasn't asked to be added, even if they're customers. If they're motivated enough to spend money on your products, they'll probably want to read the ezine, but you can't assume that.

Instead, give them plenty to chances to sign up. Make sure you feature your newsletter prominently, with a sign-up blank, on every page of your site, including your order form. (Just don't pre-check it.) Include a subscription invitation when you confirm orders, whether you use a Web form or an email follow-up.

Do you send a second follow-up message to make sure the merchandise arrived in good shape? Promote the newsletter there, too, with a link to the subscription blank on your site or your Topica Joyofbocce-subscribe link.

Anybody else have suggestions for Mario? Check out his Joy of Bocce site.

Ezine-Tips for June 12, 2002

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