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Christopher Knight

Can Ezines Be Over-Produced? What's The Connection Between Ezine Quality vs. Results?
By Christopher Knight

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The amount of time you invest in ezine publishing & marketing activities is not always proportionate to the results your ezine creates. Let's look today at strategies that can help you optimize your ezine to produce more results with less effort.

What's the top result you want your ezine to create?

For many, it's sales, exposure, top of mind awareness, building confidence, getting prospects or clients to take action, request more information, or buy stuff - all of which can not happen until you've connected with your audience.

A bad ezine trend that I'm seeing more of:

One troubling trend is that many famous or high profile people will over-produce their ezine - most likely because their in-house marketing team wants to show their boss that they can create something that looks cool, but in reality, will most likely produce very poor results. You've seen the over-produced ezine style that I'm talking about: Almost always a pure image ezine, lots of pretty pictures, lots of calls to action, absolutely NO gift of information or expertise, and almost always selling or pitching something. These aren't ezines, these are direct email marketing pitches in disguise. My point: Decide on your ezines numeric end-outcome and take action to create more of the results that you want your ezine to produce. Impressing your boss with pretty looking ezines that don't convert prospects or clients into traffic, leads or sales is not the best end-outcome. The reality: Simply increasing the frequency of your ezine, can increase your connection with the audience. The reality: Sending a text-based email in addition to your HTML format from time to time can help deliver more value to your audience, especially when you've got some value to share rather than a sales pitch. The reality: Without an emotional connection to your audience, no one is going to buy anything.

"Skip the bling-bling ezine thing and deliver relevant value first and often, then ask for the order."

The reality: Publishing consistently even when it's not convenient for you is all part of creating confidence (planting seeds) with your audience so that you can (harvest) their loyalty when it's time to ask for the order. The reality: Ezines are a 1:1 communication connection medium. You must speak to each person who reads your ezine rather than talk to the masses. Over-produced ezines are often pretty and better reserved for a print advertisement than your email newsletter. Behind every company is a voice. Very few corporations can pull off a connection between the voice of the company and the readers of their ezine. The easier route is to put a human representative of the company behind the ezine to speak for the companies interests rather than excluding a human name. Knowing the human whose voice is behind your email newsletter is a critical confidence component as far as your readers are concerned (from a conscious and often unconscious perspective). Step up to the plate and begin the 1:1 dialogue with your ezine audience. Ezine over-production threat bottom line: The connection with your audience is what matters. Without it, no fancy amount of gaudy graphics or 25-50 hours of labor invested in the design of your ezine is going to matter or produce the most effective results. If you don't believe me, go ahead and test an over-produced ezine format vs. a simple plain text or simple & short HTML ezine format and let the sales, leads or referral results determine which format you will lean on for the future.

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Ezine-Tips for December 06, 2005

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