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Choosing a Great Domain Name
By Ryan Lee

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As I discussed in yesterday's article, getting your own domain name for your ezine is a smart move. Now I would like to the address the issue of finding a good domain name.
(Yesterday's article is available here )

When searching for a domain name, here are some things to take into account:

  • Easy to remember: Try and find names that are both short and easy to remember. If you are in a networking situation, the last thing you want happen is for them to forget your Web address.

  • Make it memorable: Have you noticed that almost every site is starting to sound the same. There are way too many sites that start with "i" or "e". There are also just as many sites that include the words "net" "web" "biz" and "cyber". If you want people to remember your site, do your research and find something different. You can even use your own name in the address. Examples: or

  • Be careful of trademarks: Although it seems that most companies with trademarks have already taken the sites with their trademarked name, there is still a chance you can stumble across one. Do a search at before you buy a new domain name. If you purchase a trademarked name, be prepared to spend a lot of money if it is disputed. DO NOT buy a trademarked name with the intention of holding the company hostage. They probably have more money to hire a team of lawyers than you do.

  • Spelled and Pronounced Easily: Make sure that your name can be spelled easily. Here is a good rule of thumb: If you are telling someone your domain name on the phone, do you have to repeat it and spell it out? If so, you might want to find another name. This includes using numbers instead of words (4 instead of for OR 2 instead of to).

  • Create a new name: A few years ago, the words Yahoo and Lycos had no meaning to us. Now, say Yahoo and we know exactly what you are talking about. Maybe you can create a new word and brand it for your ezine. It takes a long time to build a strong brand, so be prepared to put your time in. Tip: Check foreign spellings; you do not want to create a word in English that is an offensive word in another language.

  • Keywords: Another way to go is creating a domain name from keywords related to your ezine. Some search engines like Google will give you a better listing if your URL is included in the search. If you are looking for even better search engine rankings, then you might want to add hyphens in between each keyword such as: Search engine spiders might be able to pick up the individual words in your URL better if they are separated.

  • Go with .com! It is by far the most recognized extension. There will be no confusion if you use a .com.

There are two good free resources for finding a domain name: lets you search a word and it will find available domain names with that keyword. You can also subscribe to , my weekly ezine that features recently expired, unused and repossessed domain names.

Tomorrow's article looks at creating a unified ezine image around your domain name. Stay tuned!

Ryan Lee

Ryan Lee is proprietor of and publishes the DomainRepo Newsletter, a free weekly publication featuring recently expired, unused and repossessed domain names.

Ezine-Tips for June 08, 2000

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