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Janet Roberts

Conquer Your E-Publishing Fears
By Janet Roberts

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This new year of 2004 ushers in a new climate for email publishers, marked on one side by new email regulations and on the other by your readers and what they do with your newsletter.

It's a daunting prospect even for veteran publishers, who are already worrying whether they'll violate a law by accident or get busted by readers or clients who misinterpret a mailing or just want to make trouble because they can.

I think a back-to-basics approach, in which you go back and audit all aspects of your email-publishing business, can help you conquer your apprehensions and move on to greater success.

In a previous Ezine-Tip, I recommended that you review and test your unsubscribe procedure, because providing working opt-out functions and honoring requests promptly are two key issues in the new U.S. regulations.

Over the next couple of months, I'll go back through other basic procedures and update them for compliance with new laws and changing views of best practices.

In the meantime, though, Michael Katz of Blue Penguin Development has a New Year gift for you. "The Five Deadly Fears of E- Newsletter Publishing (and How to Overcome Them)" is a PDF pep talk to help you get past some lingering or nagging apprehensions about the publishing process.

It's geared to small-business owners who are thinking about or planning to launch their own email newsletters. There's plenty to ponder even for newsletter veterans, though. You can download the document here.

Here's the gist for the time-pressed:

The Five Deadly Fears of E-Newsletter Publishing

  1. Fear of having nothing to say.

  2. "When it comes to your industry, you understand what matters and what doesn't, and how all the pieces fit together. These brief, useful nuggets are what you write about."

  3. Fear of technology.

  4. "Managing the logistics of a monthly newsletter can be tedious ... But if you've ever successfully assembled a gas grill, you're more than technically qualified to publish an e-newsletter."

  5. Fear of publishing on a regular basis.

  6. "Unless you explicitly determine when it will come out, you're more likely than not to keep pushing it to the back burner."

  7. Fear of writing.

  8. "Focus on turning out something that breaks down the walls between your company and your customers. Something real."

  9. Fear that spam makes it all a waste of time.

  10. "A good e-newsletter sent to your house list will still be opened by over 50 percent of the people it's sent to. (That's better) than the people who read your newspaper ads, respond to your direct mail or accept your unsolicited phone calls."

Ezine-Tips for January 06, 2004

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