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Laura Ramirez

Create a Second Income from Your Ezine
By Laura Ramirez

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Today's tip is a guest submission from Laura Ramirez on the benefits of publishing an e-book as part of an ezine publishing venture. If you have an article or idea for an article you'd like to see appear in Ezine-Tips, please send it to Thanks!

Brian Alt

As the publisher of a successful list, you offer your subscribers valuable information. Up until now, your publication has probably been supported by advertisers and sponsors, but there are other ways that you can generate profits from your list.

As the publisher of "Family MATTERS!" (an ezine with articles on conscientious parenting), I first realized that I could generate multiple income streams when my subscribers told me: "If you ever write a book, I'll be the first in line to buy it."

Now what kind of writer would pass up an offer like that?

Not me. No way. My subscribers drive my content. I'm in business because I provide solutions to their needs.

That's when I realized that my subscribers wanted more from me. They wanted the kind of detailed expertise that can't be published in an ezine. And when they told me that they would pay to pick my brain, I knew that I had to write some books.

But I wasn't about to take the traditional path of publishing and deal with rejection slips and editors, while giving up 90% of the profits.

That's when I decided that creating e-books was the way to go.

By publishing e-books, you control the content, the distribution and you keep 100% of the profits. And there are no rejection slips!

As the publisher of a list, you've established credibility with your readership. Because of this, you must begin to view your subscribers as paying customers, even if your list is free. Seen this way, your ezine is your front-end, which builds your credibility and generates income through sponsors and advertisers. Your second income stream comes from the infoproducts that you create and sell to your list.

Before you start writing your e-book, it's crucial to get an overview. In order to get the "big picture" of e-book publishing, I recommend that you subscribe to a free five day autoresponder course. This course was written by experts who are making a living from e-book publishing and who will show you how to create an e-booklet in just ten days.

Whether you're hesitant about investing the time to create an infoproduct or ready to go, this is the course for you. It covers everything from brainstorming ideas to automating downloads. And best of all, it's free.

Your subscribers read your publication because they value your expertise. If you want to create an e-book, then turn to the experts who have successfully walked the path you want to walk. Subscribe to the Infoproduct Masters Course by sending an email to this address:

You've worked hard to establish yourself as an expert in your readers' eyes. Turn your hard-earned reputation into a profit stream which will make your subscribers respect you even more. Remember: people are always willing to pay for expertise because it saves them time, money, headaches and mistakes.

Right now, ideas for infoproducts should be forming in your brain. After all, you know your list and you know what your subscribers want to read. If the wheels of creativity are already turning, then congratulations. You've taken the first step in creating a second income from your list.

Happy writing!

Today's tip was contributed by Laura Ramirez, the owner of Kokopelli's Treasures, an online specialty store offering Native American art, Southwest furniture and decor: and the author/publisher of Family MATTERS! which features articles on conscientious parenting and the core issues that today's parents face. Laura has recently begun publishing "Write What You Know," a weekly ezine that takes you step-by-step through the process of creating an ebook. Follow along with Laura as she writes her ebook and create your own ebook too! To subscribe, send a blank email to:

Ezine-Tips for May 09, 2000

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