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Creating Your Ezine's Unique Personality, Part I
By Azriel Winnet

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Part 1: Have You Something to Promote?

In these columns over the past few weeks, we have been treated to heaps of sound advice on how to promote our ezines and maximize our subscriber bases. The time has now come to take a close, hard look at another critical component in the formula for successful newsletter publishing. I am talking about the quality of the publication itself.

And let's be honest with ourselves: without a good publication, we have nothing to promote.

The sage counsel of dozens of article writers still rings in our ears: "Want to get people to keep on coming back to your site? Start up a newsletter! Great way to remind them you're still alive and kicking. It's so easy too!"

That's true. It's never been so easy to get into the publishing game. Besides, who can resist something offered for free? (And if you throw in a free report or free e-book for good measure, you've really scored a knockout!) The problem is this: the very factors which should be working for you,can work against you too. The sheer simplicity of electronic publishing is a double-edged sword.

If it's easy to get subscribers, it's easier still to lose them. And if putting an electronic newsletter together is simplicity itself, it's even simpler to create a poor impression. As the proliferation of ezines continues apace, readers will become ever more discerning as time goes on. They are only human, and their capacity for inputting information is limited.

Perhaps with the help of your "special offers", you have managed to build up a sizable mailing list in no time at all. But what will be a year down the line? (As everyone says, a year's an eternity on the Internet.) Even the best e-publishers sometimes get a message: "I love your ezine, but time constraints force me to cut back substantially on my reading schedule..."

By this point, I can hear you saying: "Azriel, what's going on? You're supposing to be giving us tips. I thought you'd tell me how to produce a top-notch ezine. Instead you're deflating my ego!"

On the first two counts, you're absolutely right. In the coming installments, I'll try to help you create the quality ezine that only YOU are capable of creating.

But first - far from wanting to deflate your ego - I want to help you draw your battle lines. My first "tip" is to help you realize this simple, if uncomfortable fact: when you go for quality, it's not just because you want to rank among the best; it's because you want to survive.


Tip contributed by Azriel Winnet. Azriel helps create polished written documents, including sparkling newsletters. Drop him a line at: He also writes the popular ezine "Effective Communication". Subscribe at his site:, or by sending a blank email to:

Ezine-Tips for May 11, 1999

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