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Christopher Knight

Cyber Monday Email Volume Up 54 Percent - Unsub Best Practice Review
By Christopher Knight

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According to the Retail Email blog (Chad White), they found in that 68% of retailers in their survey sent out a Cyber-Monday promotion compared to 44% last year (54% increase). In addition, 25% of retailers in their survey sent promotional emails the Sunday before compared to 12% last year (108% increase). Ahhh, the power of "Cyber-Monday" has come into a life of its own. In fact, I'm seeing many e-Tailers continuing to push strong with echo-Monday promotions to snag last minute gift-giving season buyers. My recommendation on Cyber-Monday promotional mailings: Isn't it obvious that the reason eTailers are increasing their Cyber-Monday promotions...are because they are having success with them? I'd plan future Cyber-Monday type promotions like a product launch sequence where you build anticipation and leak information 7-10 days in advance so they know to be watching for your specials.

Promotional vs. Transactional Email Best Unsubscribe Practices

When send an email about a Cyber-Monday promotion, that's considered to be a "promotional email." 100% of promotional emails MUST include an easy to use unsubscribe link or process... yet, that's not the case in 4% of the email marketers surveyed by EmailLabs. When you email your customers or members about something to do with their relationship with you, that's considered to be a "transactional email." According to the EmailLabs survey, 69% of those surveyed did not include an unsubscribe link in transactional emails. Ouch! Name something worse than a hungry big brown bear that has not eaten for weeks? If you answered your clients or members who are forced to receive your emails because you didn't make it easy for them to get off your win the prize and get to stay alive. :-) My recommendation on transactional emails: Provide at a minimum a valid FROM: field on all mailings and a fast human customer response to anyone who wishes to be removed from your list. That's the minimum. A better practice is to provide an unsubscribe link in 100% of your customer emails, regardless as to whether it's promotional or transactional by nature. Related Resources:

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Ezine-Tips for December 17, 2007

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