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Christopher Knight

Duplicate Ezine Publishing To Beat Spam Filters
By Christopher Knight

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One trend that I've been noticing more often is that ezine publishers will send the same issue twice, usually once in HTML and once in plain text a few days later to remind the person to check out the issue. One of the bodybuilding/metabolism enhancing ezine publishers who markets very aggressively via email will send his HTML newsletter today and then 2-3 days later he sends a text email to remind you to check out his newsletter in case you missed it. Honestly, I'm conflicted over this trend because recently I had given an Ezine-Tips suggestion to DECREASE CONTENT volume and INCREASE sending FREQUENCY but I didn't mean increase frequency without any content change. Why do ezine publishers send duplicate emails in different styles (HTML vs. PLAIN TEXT)?
Simple reason is to beat spam filters that might filter out one of the two versions.
Now, as an ezine subscriber, I think I'm annoyed from getting two issues of the same content… but as a marketer, I know this strategy does work to increase net-total visits to your website. Should you send duplicate emails to your newsletter audience to beat spam filters? Right now, I'm recommending that you should not do it if you're a newbie marketer and this is your first year publishing your ezine. If you're an intermediate to advanced ezine publishers, here are 4 tips to consider if you're going to test this duplicate email newsletter strategy: 1) Change up the content and ADD some extra value in the 2nd posting. This might be some new blog posts that you want to promote or perhaps a special that you didn't offer in the first email. 2) Change up the TIME OF DAY that you send the 2nd post. If you mail in the morning, send the 2nd one later in the day. Why? Many sophisticated spam filters tighten up at different times of the day that spam loads are the highest. 3) Send the HTML version always FIRST. HTML rules and should be your first card played. 4) In the 2nd post, send LESS of the content than you did in the first to lower your chances of it being snagged by the spam filters that might get hooked on one of the words in your 2nd post. Conclusion: I'm not a big fan of the duplicate ezine posting to beat spam filters strategy, but if you're going to test it, you may find that it does produce a net increase in total visitors to your site. If your conscious is as guilty as mine would be for sending the same content twice in the same week, then be sure to ADD VALUE to the 2nd post by adding some additional related or new content. At the end of the day, your list members will vote with their subscription whether they will accept your 2nd post - so keep it RELEVANT and ADD VALUE if you're going to test this ezine publishing spam-filter beating strategy.

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Ezine-Tips for June 21, 2005

Ezine-Tips Reader Comments:

Chris, I send out a text message a day after my html newsletter goes out. The text note lets the reader know the html version is out and provides a link so that they can read online at my site if they missed the html version due to tight filters. I agree with you that you should not send the entire newsletter again.

By: Harry Hoover, Get Bottom Line Communication Ideas at Hoover ink PR, LLC.

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