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Christopher Knight

Email Delivery Frequency During The Holidays Can Burn Ya
By Christopher Knight

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With the holiday shopping season in full gear, many retail and e-tailers have already had a strong October and November sales rush thanks largely in part to their email marketing efforts. When consumer buying budgets are blown, many e-tailers turn to increasing their email frequency with hopes to gently brow beat their prospects & clients into buying.

Should You Increase Frequency To Combat Sales Dives?

My thoughts on email frequency is that you should not use an increase in frequency to counter-affect a normal cyclical downturn in your business. Instead, give your email members a break and increase your email frequency when they are more likely prepared to do more with you.

The Email Marketing Lesson:

Increase email frequency during your heaviest buying volume periods and keep your normal frequency (or even dip it lower a bit) during the least likely buying season that your target buyer is going to do. Make sense? Recommended Reading: Justin over at Aweber has this seasonally relevant article worth a read: 5 Holiday Marketing Tips To Beat a Slow Season

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Ezine-Tips for November 30, 2007

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