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Janet Roberts

Email-Forwarding Resource: SwitchEmail
By Janet Roberts

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I wish I'd found this a few weeks ago when all of the addresses were expiring: is an email change-of-address service that will forward clients' email.

SwitchEmail will forward a registered user's email from a verified former address to the current one. In order to verify the address, the user must supply the password or personal-identification number for the old account. If the account can't be verified, the company would send you the new address but not forward your email.

ECOAs, as they are known in the Internet's acronym-crazed parlance, aren't new; Return Path and Fresh Address are two of the big names. However, Return Path does not forward email; it notifies the user when email goes to the old address, and the user takes it from there.

In the meantime, though, SwitchEmail's obvious limitation is that readers already must have signed up for the service in order to get your emails forwarded to them.

You can urge them to register; the service is free to individuals with one or two addresses to forward, and they can use a paid service if they have more than that. You can also sign up as an affiliate with the Houston, Texas-based company and earn a buck or two.

As with Return Path and Fresh Address, you as a publisher can submit email addresses to find out if the users are registered. Policies for sharing the new email addresses vary; some let you get the new addy, while others forward your request for the user to decide.

Try it and tell me what you think.

Ezine-Tips for March 18, 2002

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