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Christopher Knight

Email List Building Strategy: Integrate Subscription Form Into Your Business Processes
By Christopher Knight

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The demand for your future email member's time is intense and it's not just coming from your competitors, but all of the volume of information available overwhelms many folks. Promoting your email newsletter is falling on more deaf ears, so how can you build your list against the odds?

Integrate your subscription form into your business processes.

For many of my sites, when a new visitor to my site registers to submit an article or submit an ezine or submit anything - I give them the option to subscribe to my newsletter. This often produces 55% more subscribers than without this integration. For you, it might be a membership site, a forum registration form or a quiz that you can integrate your subscription check box into the process.
Side note: I recommend keeping the subscription box UNCHECKED so that the subscribers who check the box are more qualified for your ezine content.
Ask yourself this question: "Where in my website business processes, can I integrate a subscription checkbox along with a one liner inviting them to join my email newsletter?" Example from one of my membership sign up forms:

Change what you promote:

Change what you are promoting when trying to grow your email newsletter. Instead of promoting your ezine alone; Promote the quiz, free membership site, forum, or any fun business process that might add value to your potential new subscriber. One bonus from this process is that your subscribers will be even more qualified than those who stumble upon your subscription form without the quiz or whatever your business processes are. Your Ezine-Tips To do list: Evaluate your current website business processes and ask yourself where you could integrate your subscription box into any of the forms that would make it easy to gain more qualified subscribers to your ezine.

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Ezine-Tips for November 28, 2005

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