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Christopher Knight

Email List Goal Setting Strategies
By Christopher Knight

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Let's talk today about your email list goals. As with any email list management, it is important to establish a baseline for where your email list(s) are at and some goals with where you want to build them. What gets measured, gets managed and what does not get measured, does not get managed.

Here is a simple checklist you can use to help inspire your email list goal setting today. Most of these are designed to be measured monthly and compared against last month and this same period last year.

  • Number of email lists

  • Number of email list members on each list (growth percentage)

  • Optional: Geotargeting growth goals (to grow your main list or list segments that have a specific type of email list member from either a geotargeted area or from a content specific area)

  • Number of email list members coming from any co-registration or sponsorship swap sources

  • Confirmation rate (The rate of members that sign up divided by the number of members who ask to sign up but do not confirm)

  • Open Rate tracking -- Is the percentage of emails you are delivering being opened and is this increasing or decreasing over this same period last month, last year...

  • Deliverability rate (hard bounce vs. soft bounce) View your list server reports for this information.

  • Total revenue per list per month (if you are a publisher with an ad revenue model) or per member

  • CTR (Click Through Rate) if you are tracking this

  • CPA or conversion rate (number of sales or actions divided into the total number of email list members that you delivered a message to)

  • The number of links to your website that hosts the email list archives (if any) and your automatic subscriber form. Tip: Use the command: -- To determine the number of people linking to your site.

  • Page views and unique user sessions that are coming to your website that hosts your email list(s)

There are many more areas that you could set email list goals with, and this list is designed to get you started today. As with any goal setting session, it is critical that you WRITE your goals down on paper, and post the paper near your computer monitor so that you can review and think about it daily.

Microsoft Excel is a perfect tool for tracking monthly progress on your email list goals.

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Ezine-Tips for April 22, 2004

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