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Christopher Knight

Email Newsletter *FROM* Field Secret
By Christopher Knight

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Today's Ezine-Tips is short and sweet. It comes courtesy of Carl Hutzler (Director of Anti-Spam Operations AOL). Hutzler indicated that an important distinction is that AOL strips the non email text data before they deliver your emails to AOL members.

Example: This was the old Ezine-Tips FROM: field before today's article:

"Ezine-Tips" <>

What Hutzler is saying is that AOL strips out the stuff BEFORE the email our case, AOL strips out "Ezine-Tips" and when AOL members get this newsletter, they would only see "" as the FROM: field. Make sense?

My recommendation:

Make sure your email address is the same as your brand name and not some irrelevant or obscure number or worse, is the worse you could possibly do.

Leading by example, today's Ezine-Tips has a new FROM: field:

"Ezine-Tips" <>

Even if your email newsletter or email marketing is B2B and not focused on consumers, there is a high chance you have AOL members on your list and you may want to update your FROM: field in your future emails.

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Ezine-Tips for October 07, 2004

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