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Email Newsletter Archive Organization - 4 Tips and 1 Option To Avoid At All Costs
By Christopher Knight

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You've already bought the concept that I've been encouraging you to create a fresh web page of content for every single article you send to your email newsletter audience. Now that you are putting all of your ezine articles on your website, how do you organize them and with what software?

An Ezine-Tips registered commentor asked this question:

"I have 4 yours of archived issues and if I move the articles into separate pages, should it become more like an article directory with categories?" The answer is YES, absolutely! Make it easier for your readers to read your archives by category. This allows you to display other article titles from the same category so that you can deliver more value to your readers. As the years pass and your quantity of ezine articles grow, you will be glad you sorted them by category.

An Ezine-Tips registered commentor asked this question:

"I have frequently thought about archiving the articles I use in my newsletter, especially the articles I write. However, I have been publishing for almost 5 years and the articles are archived in Topica but are still in the newsletter...Going back for 5 years is a monumental task." The rewards will be worth it to convert all of the archives that are stored over at Topica or any email newsletter hosting platform that is holding your archives...because right now, Topica is getting your hard earned traffic (assuming the archives are public and searchable). I've had to do this in the past (converting hundreds of old issues from a static site design to a dynamically generated site for better content management) and you can budget about $2 USD in labor per article to convert it from wherever it is now, to your website template or database. 500 past ezine articles or newsletter archives becomes about a $1000 USD labor investment. This is tiny compared to the traffic your site will pull with those articles up on a website you own.

Should you make an RSS feed available of your ezine articles

Yes... and adding a comment management system should be on your immediate, if not inevitable horizons by 2006. All this talk of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) and comment management systems reminds me of a blog, doesn't it? The beauty of archiving your ezine articles in multiple categories and on a site that you own and control is that you can offer the content for private or public syndication via an RSS feed. To do that, you'll need a more sophisticated content management system (CMS).

Why don't I just use blogging software then to manage my ezine archives?

A lot of ezine publishers are doing that and they are using either Movable Type or Wordpress (two popular blogging platforms) to accomplish that. Both platforms can be customized to meet most demands. What I would not recommend that you do: Sign up for one of those ASP versions of blogging sites to host and manage your ezine archives. That is foolish because you are not in control for the life of that domain. Your business ezine archives MUST be on a domain name that you own and control for the life of the project, not the life of whenever the ASP you used decides to shut their project down. What am I doing to manage my ezine archives? I had our team build our own content management system based on PHP/MySQL/Linux and Apache...but this is not the norm as it's too expensive for the average ezine publisher to create their own CMS. It's better to buy or use an open source CMS product to manage your archives than invest in building your own platform unless you have very big web traffic and customization aspirations. Perhaps some of our Ezine-Tips members who use a non-blogging article manager could comment on this article and provide us with a link or the name of your favorite CMS. :-)

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Ezine-Tips for September 21, 2005

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