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Christopher Knight

Email Newsletter Production - Should You Find Someone Else To Publish Your Ezine?
By Christopher Knight

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Ezine-Tips reader Shelley asks, "How can I find someone to write an email newsletter for me? What should I pay them?"

Let's take a look at outsourcing options today for your ezine. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

1) Do I really need someone to write my Ezine or do I just need someone to handle the production components (assembly, mailing, tracking, feedback loop, list member support)? 2) Who would really know my business and clients as well as I do?... enough to be able to maintain the desired relationship with my prospects & customers? 3) How much revenue can frequent publishing of my ezine produce? (Ask yourself this question to gauge how much you will invest in your ezine processes.) Before you run out to find someone to write and publish your ezine, I'd take a step back and try to evaluate why you don't want to do it yourself? If you have a marketing brain, one of the best reasons to not want to do it yourself is because the production of it stinks or is boring. I'd recommend outsourcing the production components and leaving the writing and tracking up to you. If you don't have a marketing brain, I bet you still know how to treat your customers very well, right? I bet you know how to get and maintain rapport with your clients, right? Why not consider ezine publishing as a discussion with your client and prospects then? It doesn't have to be perfect... but it does have to happen on a frequent basis to get a return on your time and capital invested. Yes, I know... there are 3rd party service providers out there that will write, publish, track, deliver and manage the email newsletter publishing processes. I just can't recommend this route because it's too important of a role to release to someone outside of your in-house team. If you want to outsource the boring parts, fine... but keep control of the copy and be active in tracking the results of your ezine production. We're really talking about your reputation with your market and how they perceive you. Is this really something that should be outsourced? You don't have to be a marketing wiz to start and continue a discussion with your prospects and clients. Reframe your situation if you think you're a marketing dunce and get that conversation with your market started today! :)

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Ezine-Tips for August 22, 2006

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