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Christopher Knight

Email Newsletter Topical Ideas For 2007 - 5 Quick Strategies
By Christopher Knight

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If you've run out of 'good' ideas for topics for your next email newsletter, today you're going to discover my top 5 favorite ways to pick new ezine topics and a link to another article of 20 more new ezine topical ideas for you to leverage.

Here are 5 quick strategies that I use to come up with new topics for my ezines:

1) I keep a future ezine swipe file in an email folder that I add to throughout the week. Often the best ideas hit me for the next issue when I'm not in ezine production mode.

2) Use GoogleAlerts or Yahoo alerts to notify you when industry keywords or competitors have a new article or news worthy of your analysis.

3) Do keyword research via any major keyword research tool to identify related topics to your primary topic that you can write about.

4) Use comments sent in to your blog or forums to create new topical ideas you can explore in your ezine.

5) Create an ASK THE EXPERT website to let the marketplace tell you what they most want to learn about.

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Ezine-Tips for January 23, 2007

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