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Christopher Knight

Email Publishing Thrives in Down Times
By Christopher Knight

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The majority of email list publishers live and die by their advertising/sponsorship revenue. When those dry up, as they have in the past few months, many email publishers close up shop.

But, it's not what happens during tough times. Rather, it's what you do that counts.

During this economic shakeout, many email publishers will fold, while others will emerge victorious and with more subscribers/ revenue than ever.

Do you remember the stock-market advice to buy when the market is low and sell when the market is high? Most people do the opposite. NOW is the time to build and grow your email lists via acquisition, because quality relevant email-list members have never been so low-cost to acquire!

Six months ago, $10,000 might have helped you get 10,000 subscribers for your email list. Today, $10,000 can help you acquire 100,000+ subscribers!

I do not doubt that in the coming months and years, quality ezines will INCREASE in overall value. The value will be based not only on a multiple of sales coming from those lists but also on a multiple based on the number of list members you own.

Why not take advantage of the economic downturn to double-down on your list member bet and invest in building your lists the way you never could before?

This might not be the month or quarter to sell your email-list publishing business, but this surely is the time to leverage the low-cost ability to build and grow your list.

HOW, you ask?

Here are my Top 5 Ways To Buy/Build a List to the Top:

  1. Make respectful offers to buy your competitors' email newsletters, discussion lists and opt-in lists should they ever considered selling. These are usually highly relevant to your list topic. Most folks are flattered that you're interested in making them an offer to acquire what they have built. Suggest 5 to 75 cents per sub.

  2. Swap or buy co-registration thank-you pages on relevant sites to acquire subscribers who just signed up with your competitors or relevant topic sites. Suggest 5 to 35 cents per subscriber.

  3. Buy subscribers from sites that sell subscribers. Here, it's better to pay a premium and get a more relevant subscriber than to pay dirt-cheap and get a completely nonrelevant subscriber. Suggest 5 to 75 cents per subscriber.

  4. Do online advertising swaps with your unsold inventory, where the banners or email text ads that run during the swap invite subscribers to join your list. Here, labor is your only cost.

  5. Offer to merge or sign a co-partnership with your nearest competitor to help build each other up. This could include an option to be bought or to acquire your competitor. Be creative.

The value of a quality subscriber WILL rise in the near future.

Will you be ready for it?

Or, will you regret not building your list when the value of a subscriber was at its 52-week low, as it is today? :-)

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Ezine-Tips for April 03, 2001

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