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Christopher Knight

Email Reputation More Important Than Content To Improve Email Deliverability Performance
By Christopher Knight

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Your reputation determines your email deliverability more so than your content... at least that's the finding of a recent Lyris ISP Deliverability Report card for 1st quarter 2007. Your online reputation, in terms of email deliverability is determined from a holistic viewpoint of everything you do right and wrong, but more specifically it's based on subscriber feedback (ie: Do your own subscribers report your emails as SPAM or not?).

Net results from the report indicate that there are two things you should consider to improve your deliverability:

  1. You may want to consider reducing the quantity of images used in your email newsletters and marketing campaigns.

    Keep in mind that many Outlook and other users block images all together, so if your HTML email is very image heavy, you may be reported as spam because that's what it may look like to your members who block images.

  2. Make sure your "From Name" does not include numbers or symbols rather than your actual name.

    In addition, I'd add that you should make your email address something related to your brand instead of "no-reply@your domain". In the old days, the "From Name" was not displayed by every ISP or email client and all the member saw as your actual from email address.
Additional resources on this new Lyris report:

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Ezine-Tips for June 04, 2007

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