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Janet Roberts

Email Shakeout Updated
By Janet Roberts

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Within an hour of publishing a previous Ezine-Tip on developments in the email-publishing industry, we got updates and even a bit of good news:

  • We wrote that several Adventive discussion groups covering issues in email publishing were in flux as the company sought new ways to raise money. Even as Ezine-Tips was still sending, Nick Usborne, host of the I-Copywriting group and a past Ezine-Tips contributor, reached an agreement with Adventive to remain as host.

  • John Counsel, Australia-based moderator of the flagship I-Sales group, said the group he formed to raise money for Adventive's new licensing program has also taken on I-Design.

    "The consortium is pretty high-powered, with some of the best list builders and strategists on the Internet involved, so it's going to be interesting to watch things unfold in coming months," he said.

    "There are 12 members, including myself and Veronica Yuill, moderator of I-Design. A good blend of experience and expertise, men and women, age/experience/savvy (nicer than 'cunning') and youth/enthusiasm/vigour, with strong representation in strategy, marketing, sales, advertising, media, SEO, web design and development, IT, programming, customer relations, publishing (on- and off-line), etc."

    "Should be fun. :)"

    See what John, Nick and the others are up to.

  • Chris McGinnis, publisher of THE TICKET travel newsletter, sent in a cheery counterpoint to some gloomy email-publishing news:

  • "On a contrarian note, our ad space in THE TICKET (three slots per month) is just about sold out for 2003! We are pleased with that, as you can imagine, especially in light of what is happening in the travel industry. We are making more $$ now as a free ezine than we were when we were a paid paper newsletter (with a lot of overhead)."

Ezine-Tips for February 10, 2003

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