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Janet Roberts

Email Trends by the Numbers
By Janet Roberts

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DoubleClick's latest Email Trend Report had encouraging news for those of you who make your living in email marketing and some interesting numbers for the rest of us.

On the e-marketing side, data from DoubleClick's DARTmail service reported that while the average click-through rate fell slightly in the fourth quarter, it was up almost 10 percent over Q4 2001.

No surprise that retail and catalog mailers got a big lift in the quarter, which comprises the annual holiday shopping season. Open rates rose in the quarter-to-quarter comparison, from 33.9 percent in Q3 2002 to 38 percent in Q4 2002. Click rates also rose, from 6.9 percent in Q3 to 7.1 percent in Q4.

Four results publishers will want to note:

  • Newsletters classified as Consumer Audience continue to collect the highest average click-throughs, at 10.7 percent, followed by those classified as Consumer Products and Services (9.7 percent).
  • Response rates to text emails continue to fall. Text messages collected an average 5.6 percent click rate, down slightly from Q3. HTML messages generated a rate of 11.2 percent, about the same as in the previous quarter.
  • Bounce rates appeared to have leveled off. About 10.5 percent of all emails sent registered either a hard or soft bounce, down from 11.1 percent in the previous quarter and up only slightly from Q4 2001.
  • Soft bounces -- messages undelivered because of full mailboxes or server problems -- made up 53 percent of all bounces, compared with 47 percent for hard bounces due to invalid addresses.

  • Tuesday remains the most popular day to send, with 19 percent of Consumer Audience newsletters going out on that day.

DoubleClick's executive summary is available at its corporate site; click on "Featured Trends."

Ezine-Tips for February 28, 2003

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