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Janet Roberts

Enter Your Favorite Ezine for ETOPA
By Janet Roberts

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The contest line is open again for the Ezine-Tips Online Publishing Awards, Version 2.0.

Which email newsletter is your favorite? Which one do you open the minute you see it in your in-box and forward most often to friends or co-workers? If it doesn't show up as scheduled, do you send worried notes to the publisher?

We see lots of great newsletters every day, but we want to know which ones are most essential to you. Like it? Enter it!

Just follow the simple directions below. Because we know we'll get swamped with entries again as we did last year, you must stick to the rules or risk having your nomination disqualified:

To enter, forward one entire issue of the newsletter to the contest address. If you are nominating an HTML newsletter with a send-to-a-friend function, put the contest address in the blank. If it doesn't have that function, forward the newsletter, anyway, and we'll track down the formatted version.

Here are the contest rules:

  1. You must be an Ezine-Tips subscriber to nominate. Send in your entry from the address where you receive Ezine-Tips (it's at the top of this email.) If you don't subscribe to Ezine-Tips, sign up first, confirm your request and then enter. Yes, we will check each submission.

  2. Forward the whole newsletter in the body of the email, with the newsletter name in the subject line. We won't consider any entries with attachments or URLs only.

  3. Send entries only to the contest address. Nominations that go to our feedback or support mailboxes will be discarded.

  4. Enter up to three newsletters - one newsletter per entry. You can enter your own newsletter or one you admire.

  5. The contest deadline is 11:59 p.m. your time on June 30, 2002. Entries with a timestamp of 12 a.m. July 1 won't qualify.

Our judging panel - all newsletter professionals - is looking for high-quality original publications that deliver consistent value for their readers in an attractive format.

We'll announce the list of 20 semifinalists first, and the 10 finalists the following day, in mid-August. Winners will be announced in that day's Ezine-Tip and listed on a special page on our Web site. Winners also will be profiled in future Ezine-Tips.

Ezine-Tips for June 14, 2002

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