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Janet Roberts

Example: An Effective Solo Mailing
By Janet Roberts

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A couple of months ago, Todd Kellner outlined the case for using the solo mailing as a promotional piece to supplement your regular newsletter publishing.

(See that column here)

Many solo mailings cross my inbox; most of them are either dreadful, poorly executed or so hype-bloated they fairly vibrate from all the exclamation points!!! I'm not in the market for such an ebook, but if I were, I'd be right there clutching my credit card.

However, a really good one showed up on Thursday. It came from Larry Chase, who has a solid reputation as a newsletter publisher and marketing guru, and it hits on all the cylinders of good solo mailings:

-- The subject line leverages Larry's reputation with readers: "Larry Chase on Effective Press Release Distribution." He also gives his mailing its own identity: "FYI from Web Digest for Marketers."

-- He reminds readers why they're getting this additional mailing and points potentially irritated readers to the unsubscribe function. Then, he positions the sales pitch as a testimonial:

"As the publisher of Web Digest For Marketers, I can tell you that most PR efforts I see stink. It's often better to do it yourself and do it right. Reading 'Secrets of Effective Press Release Distribution' shows you how to get the job done right. ...

"For every review you read in WDFM, six are rejected. It's our job to filter out the superfluous for you, and man, is there a lot of it. Daily there are dozens of mindless press releases, packages, phone calls, and emails from clueless people who won't be employed long because what they do is so very ineffective.

"When they actually do get through to me I suggest they read 'Secrets of Effective Press Release Distribution' by BL Ochman. She's right on the money and I recommend this ebook to you if you're doing your own PR. In fact, I recommend this ebook to you if you're in the PR industry, because the rules have changed. These new rules, and what still works from the traditional way are in this ebook."

-- The mailing sells not just the product - an ebook by BL Ochman, a marketing and publicity professional and fellow online publisher - but Ochman herself by listing some accomplishments that readers would recognize.

-- He drops the link to the ebook sales page several times throughout the mailing, with subtle but effective prods:

"Click here to read testimonials by Al Ries, Ellen Neuborne and others."

-- Like others who follow the long-copy approach to sales, he waits until almost the end to list the price but cushions it with two other selling points to overcome potential price-point objections.

Throughout the whole sales pitch, which takes about a minute to read, Larry uses restraint and avoids overselling benefits to pitch the product. I'm not in the market for such an ebook, but if I were, I'd be right there clutching my credit card.

Ezine-Tips for November 30, 2001

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