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Brian Alt

Expertise As Revenue
By Brian Alt

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With the downturn of the online advertising market, ezine publishers have recently spent much time examining alternative sources of revenue. For more on the "possibilities" of ezine revenue sources, see here.

Today's tip focuses specifically on one such alternative: your "expertise."

Especially for ezines that provide content of a "how-to" variety, ezine publishers are often perceived by their audiences as experts in the fields that they cover. Not surprisingly, expertise is always in high demand, and can help create revenue for your ezine in a number of ways:

  • Package your expertise in book form. This doesn't necessarily have to be a book published by a large publishing house. Consider self-publishing in either print or electronic book format. Many of your subscribers will be happy to purchase your book, both to educate themselves and to help support your venture.

  • Offer consulting services in your area of expertise. Successful, established consultants often earns hundreds of dollars per hour for their consulting work. Depending on your topic, your ezine subscribers may be the perfect ideal clients for a new consulting business.

  • Expertise can effectively create speaking gigs or other public appearance opportunities that may have a large impact on the amount of revenue that your ezine can create. It's not uncommon for expert public speakers to receive thousands of dollars per day for their public appearances.

The key to success in any of the above techniques is to make sure that your subscribers _know_ that your offer such products or services. Without being overly pushy, make sure to include a little bit about your "expertise" business in every issue of your ezine.

Do you have a unique story about how your expertise directly or indirectly created revenue for your ezine publishing venture?

Ezine-Tips for June 26, 2001

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