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Ezine Article Ideas - 15 To Spur Your Creative Writing Spark
By Christopher Knight

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Are you ever sitting at your computer with your eyes in a blank stare and your fingers ready at the keyboard, but you're stumped for ideas on what your next email newsletter article should be about? Below are my top 15 ideas to help spark your creative writing imagination to crank out your next ezine article!

For this article, I'm going to use my favorite sport of Racquetball to illustrate article TITLE examples for each of my ezine article ideas below. You can just replace the topic of "Racquetball" with your niche expertise.

#1 Ezine Article Idea: Give Tips

Most people love to eat small "info-snacks" so feed them what they want. Give them quick tips or small bytes of a strategy to solve a problem or create an opportunity.

Example Titles:

  • 5 Tips on How To Perfect Your Backhanded Kill Shot
  • Own The Center Court - 3 Mental Tips
  • 17 Tips I Learned From Watching Sudsy Monchik, World Racquetball Champ

#2 Ezine Article Idea: How To Articles

When in doubt, return to "How To" articles as there are always an endless list of things you could teach your target audience.

Examples Titles:

  • How To Pass Your Racquetball Opponent Before He Knew What Hit Him
  • How To String Your Head Racquetball Racquet
  • How To Prepare For A Racquetball Tournament

#3 Ezine Article Idea: Do an Interview

Become the "Reporter" and you will never run out of quality content ideas. Find someone with an expertise that your niche audience would value and setup an interview. You can do this via telephone, email, live chat or in person.

Example Titles:

  • Interview With Superstar Racquetball Coach Fran Davis
  • Cliff Swain, Racquetball Champ Interview
  • Jason Mannino, Racquetball Champ Tells All In Exclusive Interview

#4 Ezine Article Idea: Make a List

Lists are easy and fun to do. For a great example, check out what I'm doing today for Ezine-Tips. I ran out of ideas so I decided to make a list of ideas for you. Pretty creative, no? : Your lists can be numbered or bullet points of information.

Example Titles:

  • 72 Racquetball Serves You Can Learn Too
  • 14 Ways To Hit A Church Shot in Racquetball
  • 5 Reasons Why Racquetball Can Help You Burn 800 Calories An Hour

#5 Ezine Article Idea: Product Reviews

You can review your products and give examples of how people use your products or get more out of them. Anything that adds value to your current clients may also be valued by prospective clients. These can get cheesy if you sell too hard, so better to just give strategies and techniques on how to leverage your products value.

Example Titles:

  • Head's Liquid Metal Racquet Review- Accelerate Your Game
  • Penn Green Racquetballs - Why They Are The Fastest
  • Head Safety Racquetball Glasses - Helps Improve Vision Under Stress

#6 Ezine Article Idea: Other People's Product Reviews

If you an affiliate marketer, this is a perfect strategy for you. Give a comprehensive review of other people's products and show the pro's and the con's of the product and its application.

Example Titles:

  • Wilson Racquetball Shoes - Are They Worth The Price?
  • ProKennex Racquetball Gear Makes You Look Smartů Why?
  • Ektelon Racquetball Head Band Reviews

#7 Ezine Article Idea: Use Humor or Comedy to Entertain Your Audience

Tell a joke or a humor thing that happened recently. Share funny things that have happened when people used your products in the wrong way. Make fun at how absurd your business can be at times or under heavy stress. Your readers will be entertained and relate to the human side of you.

Example Titles:

  • Things You Shouldn't Do In A Racquetball Court
  • Top 10 Racquetball Jokes To Tell Your Opponent
  • How You Know If Your Racquetball Opponent Has Been Drinking

#8 Ezine Article Idea: Tell a Story or Spin a Tale

I recommend telling a "SHORT" story. Ezine readers do not have time to read 7 page stories any more. Keep it short, get to the point, interject some fun in your story and spin your tale.

Example Titles:

  • How I Won My First Racquetball Tournament and You Can Too!
  • Why Racquetball Is A Great Sport For Singles of Both Genders
  • How I Scored A Point Against A Racquetball Legend

#9 Ezine Article Idea: News Excerpts As a Lead In

Grab a news byte of information to lead into your article or story. Fair use doctrines allow you to copy a short handful of sentences provided you give proper credit and don't alter the excerpt. Give your analysis or comments about the story.

Example Titles:

  • Mexico Takes World Racquetball Champ Title
  • Wisconsin Junior State Racquetball Champ is 15 And He Can Beat You
  • Clothing Optional Racquetball is Never a Good Idea - Here's Why

#10 Ezine Article Idea: Get Visual

Include charts, graphs, powerpoint presentations, check lists, short video clips or anything to visually add value to your article.

Example Titles:

  • Knight's Racquetball Z Lob Serve Video Clip
  • Racquetball Winning Percentage System
  • Racquetball Tour Checklist - Don't Leave Home Without It

#11 Ezine Article Idea: Get Other Experts To Contribute Articles

There are plenty of other experts in your niche that are more than willing to give you articles for free in exchange for a resource box below their article that promotes their website address. can help you find a perfect match.

Example Titles:

  • Racquetball Genius In You, By: Someone Other Than You.
  • Racquetball Rules, By: Someone Other Than You.
  • Racquetball Camp on a Hot Island in Winter, By: Someone Other Than You

#12 Ezine Article Idea: Recycle Old Articles

Articles can become outdated but base concepts are often timeless by nature. Go back into your archive of articles and refresh them with new and updated information.

Example Titles:

  • Racquetball Legend Marty Hoag is Not Retired Yet
  • Pro Racquetball Ruben Gonzalez Teaches Youngsters Our Favorite Sport
  • What You Need To Do To Get In The Racquetball Hall of Fame

#13 Ezine Article Idea: Hire An Ezine Writer

There are plenty of ghost writers willing to work for a penny to a buck per word. Often times the lower cost ghost writers can pen excellent articles but you should do the TITLE for the articles or generate the theme for them to work with.

Example Titles:

  • Racquetball Nutrition, By: Your Ghost Writer
  • Weight Lifting For Racquetball Players, By: Your Ghost Writer
  • Supplements & Vitamins For Racquetball Players, By Your Ghost Writer

#14 Ezine Article Idea: Word or Phrase For The Day

There is always a new word to learn. Share a common term from your niche and define it well giving examples of its use.

Example Titles:

  • Passing Shot Defined - Your Racquetball Cornerstone Winning Strategy
  • Intentional Hinder Defined - When and What is a Racquetball Hinder?
  • Skip Ball Defined - What a "Skipped" Racquetball Sounds Like

#15 Ezine Article Idea: Use A Holiday

Holiday's or "On This Day In History" are great idea generators for new article content possibilities. Chase's Calendar of Events is quite popular for defining holidays and events.

Example Titles:

  • Racquetball League Begins This Month-How To Prepare
  • Winter Blues Got You Down? Racquetball Camp in Aruba Reviewed
  • Racquetball Safety Awareness Day - 10 Tips To Protect Yourself


Can you believe that I've never written a single article about racquetball and yet with today's Ezine-Tips article, I now have 45 excellent Racquetball titles ready for me to produce the body of the articles. You can do the same excercise with your niche expertise or core focus. Print this page out and refer to it whenever you need your creative writing genius to be sparked a little. :-)

Chris Knight and Fran Davis, Racquetball Camp
Knight vs. Fran Davis in Racquetball Camp

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Ezine-Tips for December 30, 2004

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