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Christopher Knight

Ezine Content Idea: What I'm Thinking About Next
By Christopher Knight

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Ask yourself this question, "If you were a competitor of mine, what would you rather read: What I already wrote or What I'm planning on writing?" or "Would you rather know what your competitor has done or what they are planning on doing?" Most folks would answer that they want to know what their competitors are thinking about rather than what they already wrote. I noticed this trend with all of websites popping up to help people share bookmarks with each other and the growing interest in following blogs over the past 2-3 years.

Today's Ezine-Tips point:

Sharing what you are thinking about next is a value by itself and without any answers or full research reports on the topics you were thinking about. Here are 4 tips to help you create ezine content about what you're thinking about next: 1) Create bullet points of your thoughts and organize them by topic of thoughts. 2) Explain why the thoughts are important to you. 3) Explain why the thoughts are related to why they are important. 4) Explain what the thoughts will mean to your reader and their life or business. Objections to my Ezine-Tips suggestion today: But Chris, I don't want to share with my readers what "I'm thinking about next" ...because then my competitors will write about *my* topics and beat me to my own thoughts. If you really had this thought, then it's clear that you need further differentiation in the marketplace from your competitors. It's time to become more 'unique' than you were before and create your own unique voice that can't be duplicated. But Chris, if I'm just sharing my thoughts, I'm not actually providing any value to my readers because I usually give them answers instead of ideas. Never underestimate the value of an 'idea'! Ideas have value in and by themselves. Ezine Content Idea Conclusion: Take a break from your normal ezine content strategy and share with your readers where your head is, what you are thinking about, why it's important to you, why it's important to them and watch your popularity rise.

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Ezine-Tips for November 23, 2005

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