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Christopher Knight

Ezine Delivery Schedule For The Holidays
By Christopher Knight

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What should yours be?

Should you send your email newsletters on major holidays?

My Holiday Ezine Delivery Recommendations:

If your primary revenue stream from your Ezine comes from hard goods (books, physical product, things you can touch), then your delivery schedule should be intense leading up to the 4-6 weeks prior to every major gift-giving holiday (assumes your products make great gifts).

If your primary revenue stream from your Ezine is services, then I recommend mailing under your normal schedule regardless as to the holiday’s unless your services are holiday related (in which case you should follow the same recommendation as I gave for hard goods.)

If your primary revenue stream from your Ezine is advertising revenue such as CPM (Cost Per Thousand), PPC (Pay Per Click) / CPC (Cost Per Click), or any hybrid of advertising revenue…then I recommend that you stick with your regular publishing schedule regardless as to the holiday’s.

This is the classic question about whether the glass is half-full or half-empty as I believe the holidays are a great time to INCREASE your Ezine delivery schedule rather than back-off. Why ruin a momentum by not publishing or marketing?

International Considerations:

Review the origin of where the majority of your sales come from. If 25% or more of your sales come from countries other than your own, I recommend that you get to know the top holiday’s of your top 5 most popular countries that you have clients in other than your own country.

I predict in the coming years, ezine publishers and marketers will begin segmenting their lists by country in order to address localized issues...but the greater majority of ezine publishers are not at this point yet.

The Arguments Against Mailing on a Holiday:

There are some that say you should give everyone a break from receiving your emails during a holiday but my own test results differ on this. If you don’t want to take my recommendations, then at least test this holiday season for yourself so that you can determine what is right for your Ezine and business.

If your audience is pure B2B (Business to Business) or enterprise business level email list members, then it may make sense to not publish on a holiday… but you never really know until you test this for yourself and track the results. Who knows... you may discover that a high percentage of your list takes their email home with them and will have more time to digest or read your ezine.

If your audience is pure entrepreneurs or small to medium size business people, then any time of day and any holiday is fair game for your Ezine delivery.

The Ezine Scheduler To The Rescue:

Every basic email list management software or service has the basic functionality to schedule your mailings at a preset time. I recommend preparing your ezines in advance and scheduling them for release at your normal delivery times of day. If your ESP (Email Service Provider) or your email list software does not have scheduling capability…then perhaps it is time to find one that does.

Holiday Ezine Delivery Conclusion:

Holiday's are a time to INCREASE your email newsletter and marketing deliveries. If you don't believe me, at least run a test and see for yourself by tracking the metrics of open rate, click through, and product/service sale conversions.

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Ezine-Tips for November 22, 2004

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