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Christopher Knight

Ezine Editorial Calendars - How To Produce Yours
By Christopher Knight

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If you're new to managing your ezine or if you've lost that loving feeling with your ezine, today's Ezine-Tips is going to help you understand the reasons for and the basics behind creating your ezine editorial calendar… You might just find that creating an editorial calendar can breathe life into an ezine that you lost passion for or help keep one that you love going in the right direction.

Editorial Calendar Defined:

An "Editorial Calendar" is a calendar that lists the major topics or sub-topics that your upcoming ezine issues will be about. Some people plan (1) month in advance and others might plan 3-18 months out.

In the "PRINT" world, editorial calendars are a necessity (especially magazines). Why not get the advantage of an editorial calendar for your ezine?

Why Produce An Editorial Calendar?

It's a planning tool to help guide the consistency of your issues and it also helps everyone within your organization (including guest contributors) know what your future topics will be.

Should You Make Your Ezine Editorial Calendar Public?

That's a personal call. I don't do it myself, but I do think it's a great idea…especially if you rely on guest contributors to send in expert supplemental content. If they know what you're looking for, it will help them to send in more relevant articles on a timely basis.

What's the Payoff of Producing an Editorial Calendar?

  1. Your ezine will be produced on a timelier manner than without it. Consistency creates confidence and strengthens your relationship with your members.

  2. Have a more natural flow between each issue as you are able to complement each issue to build on past issues because you planned it out in advance.

  3. Will help you to notify your audience about future issues they can look forward to. This helps build demand and anticipation or stronger emotional connection with your audience.

  4. Ask and Yee Shall Receive: The universal law of attraction is in your favor and you may find just the right people popping out of the woodwork to either help you with content for future issues. You'll find improved guest contributions that might not have happened without the editorial calendar.

Producing Your Ezine Editorial Calendar:

Decide how far in advance you want to produce the calendar for. I suggest starting with 3-4 months to get started.

List the dates for each month that your ezine will be released on. Example, if you produce a weekly ezine on Monday's, then list every Monday for the period that you'll be planning.

List a deadline a few days to a week before each release date of your ezine issues.

Now, start with your core topics that you want to cover. If you have a difficult time getting started, just do a brain dump of every topic that comes to mind and then sort out and prioritize each of your topics.

Be sure to take into consideration special holidays and events when planning your calendar as most ezines tend to follow special issues around the holidays or pre-holidays.


Producing an editorial calendar for your ezine should only take an hour or so of time to do. If you'll make this small ezine planning investment of time, you'll find the quality and consistency of your ezine will improve dramatically. Ok, stop reading now and go plan your editorial calendar or at least schedule yourself an hour sometime in the next week to do your ezine editorial calendar planning. :-)

A Comment From Ezine-Tips Member, Harry Hoover:

"Good tips, Chris. I plan my personal e-newsletter about three months out so that the issues flow and I don't repeat a topic. It also gives me time to research past issues and link back to them where appropriate. For newsletters I do for other clients, I find a six month window works best for these. This timeframe keeps them in the loop about what we're covering so they have time to think about upcoming editorial and allows them to provide input at the appropriate time.

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Harry Hoover
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Ezine-Tips for January 20, 2005

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