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Christopher Knight

Ezine Production - 4 Time Saving Tips To Reduce Your Email Newsletter Costs
By Christopher Knight

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How long does it take you and/or your team to produce your email newsletter?

Interested in cutting that time in half?

Whether you have an in-house email newsletter production staff or you do the job yourself, being able to reduce the amount of time it takes to produce your email newsletter can create a competitive advantage.

Let's explore some strategies to speed up your ezine production capabilities:

Email Newsletter Production Strategy #1: Use Templates

Whether you produce HTML or TEXT newsletters, you should never be recreating the base look and feel for your ezine. Never. You should create and store multiple templates for each style or type of ezine that you send so that you can drop your new content into your template, test, and send.

Email Newsletter Production Strategy #2: Automate what can be automated.

Anything that begins to become repetitive (such as typing HTML code by hand or a lot of copy and pasting) should have a script written to auto-assemble the core guts of your content. Scripts can be written in PHP and if you're not a programmer, hire one to produce this for you. It's not as deep or difficult as it seems and a few hundred dollars invested in programming could save you thousands of dollars in labor over the year.

Investments in a little programming behind the scenes can not only return itself from a cost standpoint, but it can become a competitive weapon.

Email Newsletter Production Strategy #3: Do more than (1) issue at a time and schedule them.

If you've got 'evergreen' content that doesn't outdate itself instantly, you can easily add an extra little bit of time to produce 2 or more newsletters at a time - Release one and schedule the other for release in a week or two. This strategy can shave off 1/3rd of the time it takes to produce an ezine because you're increasing your efficiency.

If your content is time sensitive and outdated quickly, consider writing scripts or having them written for you that will automate the complete assembly of your ezine so all you have to do is write your personalization intro, test and release to your list.

Email Newsletter Production Strategy #4: Rest on your editorial calendar to produce on a set schedule.

Last minute labor time redirects are very expensive. Know in advance what topics you'll be covering in the future so that you can group together like-projects. The more you create synergy and focus, the less time it will take to produce each issue.

Ezine Production Time Saver Summary:

Cost-savings might improve your profits, but SPEED can make or break the success of your ezine. How many missed opportunities have you had because you couldn't get your ezine out the door due to it taking longer than you expected? Focus a little more time on planning, and you'll be able to up your ezine frequency, increase your profits, decrease your ezine production costs and increase your competitive position. It is possible.

Today's Ezine-Tips was produced in 50 minutes from start of concept of content, publishing on the website, updating the RSS feed, grabbing my template and pasting the content in it, testing and releasing it to the 12k members of the Ezine-Tips list. Normally it takes me about 1-2 hours to get it done right, especially if there is a new call to action or new advertisement in the newsletter.

Ezine Action Step: Go find ONE tiny little action you can take to decrease an HOUR off your ezine assembly and production today. At the end of the year, you'll find at least a thousand dollars in time savings... I guarantee it. :-)

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Ezine-Tips for May 24, 2005

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