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Brian Alt

Ezine Promotion Resource: List Builder
By Brian Alt

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Today's tip reviews a paid promotion service that can be an effective way to supplement the growth of your ezine's subscription list. Opt-In List Builder (not the bCentral newsletter service that replaced ListBot) is a unique form of co-registration service that charges $0.20 - $0.30 per list member, depending on the amount of members you purchase and whether or not you also want their names (in addition to the email address).

What makes it unique? List Builder generates its referrals from the thank-you pages of, which provides free form-processing services to thousands of webmasters. Once readers fill out a form, they're given a chance to subscribe to the publications that participate in the List Builder program. So, participants in the program are effectively receiving referred subscribers from thousands of different Web sites.

This technique is similar in principal to the "thank-you page" joint ventures previously covered in this column.

In a test campaign, List Builder generated 1000+ subscriptions in just a few days. One thing to keep in mind, however, is that these referrals are of the "single opt-in" variety; if you want these members to confirm their subscription, you'll have to do it on your end (and perhaps lose some). Fortunately, List Builder makes implementing a confirmation process easy by sending you a live notification every time a member signs up. You can even configure this to point straight to your list hosting provider so that the members will be added automatically.

When composing your ad for the List Builder program (or any performance-based campaign, for that matter), make sure that the ad copy and description of your ezine "qualifies" incoming subscribers. By ensuring that your copy accurately describes your ezine, you reduce the chance that you'll end up paying for subscribers who aren't really interested in your topic.

Complete details on the List Builder program are available here.

For a list of other co-registration services, see here

Ezine-Tips for August 27, 2001

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