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Christopher Knight

Ezine Publishing and its Impact on Your Sales - The Truth
By Christopher Knight

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How can you truly measure the impact your email newsletter has on your product or service sales? Easy you say? Not true. Let's explore the impact that your ezine has on your overall sales to help you better justify or increase your ezine publishing activities. At the end of today's Ezine-Tips issue, you may draw the conclusion that you must begin evaluating your sales made by members of your list vs. non members to see the real impact of your ezine. But My Email Newsletter Is A Direct Response Vehicle A typical direct response marketer would say that either your ezine when published produces sales or it does not. The sales metrics are black and white, right? More Than Just Direct Response Truth is, your ezine is more than just a direct response tool. It's also a branding tool; a credibility boosting tool; it's a customer loyalty boosting tool, among many other uses. If your ezine causes a boost in customer confidence, this could easily translate into higher average ticket orders, increased repeat purchases, increased referrals, lower return rates, and so forth. Blame It On The Landing Page Truth is, your sales landing page is often more to blame for poor conversion rates than your ezine publishing efforts. I like to think of your ezine as the "perfect lead generation" tool rather than the perfect sales tool. If that's true, then your web landing page will always have an impact on how well your ezine can produce sales with each issue. Seeing The Big Picture - Your Ezines True Impact on Sales Truth is, you must evaluate your ezine metrics against your web traffic metrics and sales metrics (with some weight given to how it can reduce returns, increase client loyalty, increase referrals) to begin to see the true big picture... but wait, there is still one more critical variable to isolate... Ezine Publishing Action To Take Like any good "management by measurement" philosophy, you'll need to isolate which variables you want to test in order to help better justify whether your efforts are IMPROVING or REDUCING the bottom line. Here is something you may not have done yet:

Begin tracking your sales by whether the sales are made by email newsletter recipients or not.

Once you have them broken down in these two groups and you have 6 to 12 months of history to review, further review the following:
  • Average ticket price
  • Purchase frequency
  • Length of purchase history
  • Return rate
  • Referral source (to see if your ezine members refer more new business than non ezine members do)
  • Once you know the true impact of your ezine on clients who buy that are members of your ezine vs. non-members, you can then begin to make changes or adjust your ezine publishing patterns to create even better results for your business. If you're in the dark, it's time to step into the light and start analyzing your sales by whether they are on your email newsletter mailing list or not. Your bottom line will thank you. :-)

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    Ezine-Tips for July 16, 2005

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