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Christopher Knight

Ezine Publishing: To Include Personal Info or Not?
By Christopher Knight

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Do you really care that I got a black and red TYR DNA Swim Jammer for Christmas? ...or that I'm training for 4-6 marathons in 2007 so that I can qualify for the Boston Marathon in 2008?... or that my body fat is 14.9% and I'm weight training 4 days a week to prepare for the dozen 2007 triathlons, marathons, duathlons, 10k races and racquetball tournaments that I want to do well in? Well, I know about a dozen people on my list care...but: Many times I come to an email newsletter to get a specific outcome, such as being more informed, keeping up on trends, picking up a new strategy to test, or simply being entertained... and lately I've noticed handfuls of ezine publishers who have a hard time realizing that I didn't give them permission to tell me about their personal life... on and on and on and on... You get the point. It's not that I don't care, but I didn't want to become intimate with each ezine publisher that I subscribed to. I only wanted WIIFM (What's In It For Me) and today, I wanted to remind you, the successful ezine publisher to not lose sight of why your email list members are really on your list.

But It's Not Completely Wrong To Include Personal Info:

It's not wrong to include personal info and can actually enhance your member loyalty when peppered throughout the year. In fact, I just got done reading Daniel Goleman's new book called Social Intelligence, where he proposes that we humans are designed genetically to connect... meaning, we want a connection with those around us and we crave the spindles that we can hang onto when we learn that we're 'like' others that we follow or want to know more of. Some ezine publishers (Ali Brown comes to mind) include a brief personal statement in her letter to her members before she gets on with the content at hand. It works for her and mainly I believe because she delineates the personal from the professional content so that her readers can quickly jump to WIIFM.

What Ezine Tips Action To Take:

Do include personal information in your ezine throughout the year, but never make it the primary focus and always keep your focus on WHAT'S IN YOUR EZINE for your reader to benefit from.

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Ezine-Tips for December 26, 2006

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