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Brian Alt

Ezine Revenue Possibilities
By Brian Alt

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This column has looked at a number of sources of potential ezine revenue over the past two years. Today's tip briefly outlines the seven primary sources of ezine revenue. With the current market troubles drying up much of advertising revenue that many ezine publishers had come to rely on, we would be well advised to look at the alternative sources of revenue. By diversifying the sources of cash flow, damage will be minimized should one of the sources fail. Additionally, overall profit will likely rise with the more revenue opportunities you implement.

The seven primary sources of ezine revenue are:

1. Sell Your Own Advertising - This is by far the most popular source of ezine revenue, however many publishers are feeling the pinch of decreased ad spending. For tips on selling your own advertising, see a number of the articles listed here.

2. Sell Advertising Via Ad Networks - A number of ezine ad networks exist that will outsource or broker sales of advertising space in your email publication. This allows you to bring in advertising profit without having to worry about the actual selling, invoicing, billing, and so on. Ezine ad networks are listed here.

3. Promote Affiliate Programs - Affiliate programs are set up by companies to share revenue with partners who refer clicks, leads, or sales to the company. Email publications can be an excellent source of affiliate revenue, especially if the publisher takes the time to identify, join, and promote appropriate and relevant programs for his or her audience. For more on affiliate programs as an ezine revenue source go here.

4. Sell Your Own Products - Your ezine can be an excellent vehicle for marketing your own products to your subscribers. While an ezine that is nothing but a ongoing sales pitch will probably not have much success, subtle product offerings interspersed with valuable content can be superb means of reaching new customers and encouraging repeat purchases from existing customers.

5. Sell Your Own Services - Similar to your own products, your own services may also benefit from publicity in your ezine. Services related to your topic will obviously receive the most interest from your audience. Popular services offered by many ezine publishers include writing, consulting, speaking, coaching, and so on.

6. Charging a Subscription Fee - While most email publications are free, some do charge a subscription fee. This is still a relatively new phenomenon, as most Internet users have come to expect content to be free. For more on the ins and outs of running a paid-subscription ezine, go here.

7. Selling or Licensing Your Content - This is another method of charging for your content, but rather than charging your subscribers, you charge other publishers for reprint or syndication rights to your content. More and more email publishers are taking advantage of this revenue source, and we'll look at the topic in greater detail in an upcoming issue.

Ezine-Tips for February 15, 2001

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