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Janet Roberts

Feedback: Blogging How-Tos
By Janet Roberts

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Several Ezine-Tips readers shared their own experiences and blogging knowledge in response to Publisher Anne Holland's guest column last week, in which she shared her experiences running several Weblogs and gave potential bloggers some useful tips.

(If you missed Anne's column, review it here)

Nancy Kamp said she began keeping a Web log for the same reason many others do, to share their lives "with anyone whoís interested:"

"My weblog, Diary of a Mad Web Lackey, started with a sincere wish to help other SOHO dwellers skip the mistakes Iíve made in building a Web site. When youíre both the leader of the band and the band itself, itís amazing how many hats you need and how frustrating it gets when thereís no one to tell you exactly how to put hot links in email.

"But I definitely find my particular/peculiar voice coming out in my blog. As a freelance writer, Iíve always had to sit on my tendency to be stridently editorial, so saying exactly what I think is a joy. And if the occasional tale of our senior canine editorís tailectomy happens to creep in, along with the odd footnote about railway gauges in 19th-century Europe, itís all relevant. At least from my point of view.

"I would like to mention that I donít use standard blogging tools. I havenít got a spare minute to learn to use new software, and I like adding fresh content to my site on a daily basis. It doesnít take any time to upload, and Iím all revved up for my day at the keyboard. No writerís block here."

You can find Nancy's blog at her main site. I recommend the Jan. 22 entry, "The Joys of Publishing a Newsletter."

Meryl K. Evans is one of those rare people who can explain the most mind-numbing technical topics in such everyday terms that even nontechies like me can understand. She also maintains a lively blog ("Meryl's Notes") and wrote recently about a relatively new blogging application, Movable Type.

In the blogging spirit of collaboration, both publishers include lots of links to other blogs on their sites.

Ezine-Tips for February 07, 2002

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