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Janet Roberts

Feedback: ETOPA Winners Rock! (Or Not)
By Janet Roberts

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Some readers agreed with our list of top newsletters, which we announced this week. Others thought we were crazy. Still more wondered why we didn't include (insert newsletter name here).

Here's what some of your fellow publishers thought of both the 20 ETOPA winners and the 10 finalists:

Barbara B. Howard:
"Your selection looks good. Except a tip to 'Best Christian:' Her site is too slow to download."

Meryl K. Evans
"Oh boy... am I gonna regret reading your ezine today... I just subscribed to about 5 of them. Just what I need... more emails!"

Jose Camilo Daccach
"Just out of curiosity, were there any submissions of newsletters written in other languages besides English? It would seem that either the submissions were very low or the quality was very poor." (Note: We did receive a couple of newsletters in other languages; one missed the deadline and the other was too hard for us to translate effectively; we are hoping to add a category and translaters for our next contest.)

Bridget Meaney
"I was quite disappointed that WritersWeekly was not selected as a 'Top 10' ezine. An incredible weekly newsletter that has continued to provide outstanding resources, articles, tips, suggestions, and information for freelancers. I have no doubt the ezines that made the final list are fine newsletters, but I think perhaps you missed this incredible newsletter." (Note: WritersWeekly was a Top 20 semifinalist.)

Shellie Tomlinson
"I wasn't able to submit my emag as it hadn't launched at the time, so this isn't sour grapes. I just wanted to say Betty Bowers stinks. I wish a site like hers wouldn't have gotten any respect from your neat publication. I've come to respect and look forward to your tips--but I've got nothing to learn from Betty Bowers."

Rob Parker
"Based on your criteria presented in Wednesday's edition of Ezine-Tips, InstaMom should not have made the cut.... I thought the topic and content of the newsletter were very appropriate from reading four editions from the archives. I did not subscribe to the newsletter because it did not provide easy navigation, did not have a clear mission, and did have three inches of boilerplate administration information at the top."

Jennifer Shaw
"(N)ewsletters you've chosen are potentially offensive/inappropriate, especially those devoted to China, dangerous plants or Christians. In fact, despite all the preaching you have flooded our mailboxes with over the past week regarding the tragedy in New York, you selected 'China Internet Update,' and China has made no attempt to talk or support the United States. Why would we possibly want to support them?" (Note: EuroVacations was a contest entry. 'China Internet Update,' a semifinalist, is not a government publication.)

Ezine-Tips for September 20, 2001

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