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Feedback: End of Free
By Janet Roberts

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Wednesday's announcement about changes in the works at Yahoo! Groups drew plenty of comments from readers, as did my query for information about AOL Version 7.0 and HTML.

AOL subscriber Matin Scholes said, "I have had experience of trying to access a Yahoo Premium service in the past. Although they advertise a large email storage facility I found that I was unable to access the service because I do not live in the USA. I live in England.

"Would the new Yahoo Premium Service send people to a site saying something to the effect of: 'We are sorry, but as you do not live in the USA, the only option available to you is a second-rate service'?"

Michael Rawls, picked up on a Yahoo! Groups survey outlining possible scenarios for free and fee service, including the level and medium for tech support:

"Yeah, like Yahoo! support of any kind even happens! I have had a request to straighten out my pending messages folder (some sort of 'Python' error there) since 2/7/2002, and have only gotten one canned response after five messages sent to Yahoo Helper. For now, I am the only one able to post messages on Friday's Inspiration Discussion Forum.

"Are you sure that Yahoo has more than one live entity working there anymore? I even tried to call the main offices directly, but I was unable to speak to a real person, just the telephone robots and endless "please select from the following list of options by using your touch-tone phone," all of which send you right back to the Web site so that you can send another message to be ignored.

"Posting a message on the group moderator's message board has yielded similar results.

"If I thought I could even GET $4.95 worth of service from Yahoo, I would gladly pay for it. For now, I am getting back exactly what I am paying - nothing! Recommend a good (i.e. 'responsive') list host, wouldja?"

Ezine-Tips for February 22, 2002

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