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Janet Roberts

Feedback: Tone-Deaf or Perfect Pitch?
By Janet Roberts

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Advice to "cool it," so to speak, in order to keep reader responses relevant didn't go down well with some readers of the previous Ezine-Tip.

"How many times have we heard that people like to buy or do business with those that they like?," said Jill Whalen, who publishes the High Rankings Advisor newsletter.

"I know that I hear that a lot, and I can also attest to it from my own newsletter interactions and resulting sales of my services/reports, etc.

"Sure, it takes a lot of work to reply to those friendly people who seem to just want to chat, but you're cultivating relationships with every email. They're not gonna all buy from you, that's a given. And many may not be in the market for what you offer at that very moment.

But if you've made a friend, somewhere down the line when they are in the market for your products or services, who do you think they're going check out first? Some nameless, faceless, business-like, sterile company? Or me, their best buddy and email penpal?

"My 18,000+ penpals and tons of sales tells me it's the latter!"

Brad Cooper also responded to newsletter advice in a free report, "Marketing Inspiration for 2003: Top Marketers Reveal Their Learnings."

"Today's recommendations (per Doug Pond) were interesting, but only cover a portion of the picture. He is absolutely correct in stating that tone is important. However, to focus on 'cool' or 'detached' would instantly rule out many of your readers, based on their temperament.

"There are 4 temperament styles - Artisan/Rational/Idealist and Guardian. The Rational would completely agree with Doug. But unfortunately, the Idealist would absolutely disagree, and the Guardian/Artisan styles would be somewhere in the middle. For anyone that wants to check out their own temperament at no charge, go here to get a good baseline and a basic description of each style.

"So, Doug's right - kind of. But if you don't want to rule out 60-75% of your market, don't forget the other three temperament styles!"

Ezine-Tips for April 04, 2003

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