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Janet Roberts

First Responders to War News
By Janet Roberts

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As the United States begins its air and ground assaults in Iraq, I was curious to see whether email-newsletter publishers would refer to the events or tailor their coverage to their audiences.

Of course, news-site newsletters, such as those published by, the Chicago Tribune, and the like, all featured multiple stories, photos and some streaming video of the predawn air attack over Baghdad and at present are issuing bulletins covering the newest bombardments.

Other newsletters, not necessarily geared to cover daily breaking news, have also published retooled versions of their regularly scheduled mailings; however, I have not seen an outpouring of special editions -- positive or negative -- as I did after the Sept. 11 terrorists attacks in the United States.

First out of the blocks in my email this morning was e-publishing veteran Tim Winship, who sent his FrequentFlier Crier newsletter even as the first air strike began. Most of the newsletter is business as usual, but in his regular note to readers, Tim noted how frequent travelers everywhere can expect their airlines will respond to the war.

Second in line was PR Fuel, published by Writer Ben Silverman lists wartime strategies for marketing and public-relations people.

Several newsletters, particularly those covering business travel, foreign trade, marketing and expatriate living, had been previewing the issue for several weeks, especially as the scenario moved away from diplomacy and deadlines.

The war continues to give satirist Andy Borowitz plenty of fodder for his daily BorowitzReport. Today's headline: "'Are You Saddam?' Premieres Tonight: Celebrity Panelists Will Judge Authenticity of Saddam-like Person on Tape."

Ezine-Tips for March 20, 2003

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