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Floating Ads: More or Less Evil Than Pop-Ups?
By Janet Roberts

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Pop-up boxes: Most people either love them or hate them. Some respond to them; others use software that crushes them like empty pop cans, and a third group simply ignores them.

Matt Mickiewicz of SitePoint is looking for comment on whether floating ads in DHTML (Dynamic HTML) can do what pop-ups can't: Grab attention, prompt a visitor to subscribe to one of the site's ezines and evade pop-up-stopping software.

In a recent post on the I-Sales discussion list, Matt said SitePoint tried using a floating ad to attract subscribers but with "strikingly disappointing" results:

"Not only were the results not better than the pop-ups, but they were worse by a factor of 4," he said. "Has anyone successfully used floating DHTML ads to solicit newsletter subscriptions? Are there any examples out there of these ads that work?"

You can see an example of a floating DHTML box here.

Dynamic Drive, which wrote the free script for its "drop-in content box," says it works in Internet Explorer and Netscape, handles text, images and rich HTML and lets you decide how often it shows up -- every time the page loads, once per session or less often.

From my perspective, I prefer a static pop-up to a bouncing box, but then I don't hate pop-ups as much as others do, mainly because I don't have to waste time hunting for a subscription blank if the site has been designed poorly. But, that's just me.

Ezine-Tips for October 08, 2002

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