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Christopher Knight

For Lists That Sell Sponsorship or Advertising -- Create A Sponsors List
By Christopher Knight

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For Lists That Sell Sponsorship or Advertising: Create A Sponsors List

If you sell advertising on your list, one secret of mine, which has increased my ad or sponsorship sales tremendously, is to create a separate announcement list for your sponsors.

Whenever you have a buyer or a prospective buyer, give them the option to be on your complimentary sponsors announcement list where you send 1 to 2 Emails a month, giving them news or updates on the reach, frequency, list stats, web stats, or more ways they can leverage their sponsorship with the newsletters or discussion list(s) you produce and publish.

So, todays tip, is to create a 'Sponsors' list to keep your advertisers informed on monthly stats or specials so they can take advantage of them before anyone else knows about them.....PLUS this also solves your need to have to contact each person on a monthly basis, in order to keep in touch.

To Your Lists Success!
-Sparky :-)

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Ezine-Tips for June 25, 1998

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