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Christopher Knight

Free Ezine Content Email Alerts (Real-Time)
By Christopher Knight

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Are you interested in being notified via email whenever a brand new article is available for you to use for either a feature or supplemental content for your next email newsletter?

My team recently launched a brand new (free) article email alert service that will alert you whenever new articles become available for FREE reprints in your next newsletter.

You can sign up to receive ALL of the article alerts, but I would recommend that you only sign up for the article alerts from your particular niche or industry. Why? Because these happen in real-time and can be very high volume at times.

Real-time new article email alerts are available for the following categories of interest:

To sign up to get your free article alerts whenever new articles become available, go to this page and sign up today:

You can unsubscribe at any time and your email will never be rented or sold.

Conclusion: I am a big fan of ORIGINAL CONTENT as the basis for your email newsletter, but there are times when you may need or want supplemental content for your ezine. Thousands of articles are available for free for you to reprint as long as you keep the links and the article "in tact." The new service mentioned above is a great way to be alerted whenever new articles become available that match your interests. Sign up today and do let me know what you think of this new service in a few weeks after you receive the alerts.

PS: Are you an author, speaker or expert? Would you like to share your articles with other ezine publishers who are looking for content and are willing to distribute your article and URL/website/link to their ezine membership audience for free? If so, go get your free basic membership account today.

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Ezine-Tips for November 20, 2004

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