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Todd Kellner

Here You Are
By Todd Kellner

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First, I want to thank everyone who participated in the List-Universe Reader Survey. Second, since I promised that I'd tell you about the results, here you are:

  • You're Internet savvy. Well, I'd hope you are, since 80% of you have been online for at least two years.

  • You're smart. If not smart, at least well-educated ;-) 84% of you attended or graduated from college, or have post-graduate degrees.

  • You're a publisher. 62% of you own or operate Web sites and/or newsletters. I didn't think to ask what the other 38% of you were doing here. I'd hope it's the fact that our tips often relate to projects outside of the newsletter industry, as I've often heard, and not because you thought we were going to award you a Palm Pilot.

  • You're worldly. 29% of you live outside the United States. By my expert calculation, this means that 71% of you live within the borders of the United States.

  • Me too! Stop by for a beer some time :-)

  • Some of you are in big trouble. 34% of you read List-Universe newsletters while at work.

  • You love sending us feedback. 100% of you love seeing your name in print.

Ezine-Tips for May 10, 2001

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