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Janet Roberts

Hope Shimmers on the Advertising Horizon
By Janet Roberts

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The more I learn about Internet advertising, the more it looks as though some of the old-line principles of print advertising work here, too.

"No kidding!" some of you smart folks are saying. Well, it seems to be news to a lot of online marketers and advertisers who are discovering that they can't judge an ad's effectiveness on only the click-through rate.

The latest news is that the industry is moving beyond CTR to the amazing conclusion that the more readers see an ad, the more likely they are to buy. You can read more about this on the Web site.

Some of the Web's biggest advertisers also posted more encouraging news about the effectiveness of online advertising. (Read about Thursday's Big Four press conference here.)

An effective ad, in other words, is a good branding tool even if readers don't click on it.

That's something any newspaper ad salesperson will tell you, and a point your own advertisers understand. To establish your brand and get the kind of sales or awareness you want, you need to be in the reader's face all the time, while remaining fresh with updated content.

Here's where you can build your value to your newsletter's advertisers, whether they're the little classified ads you run at the end or your top sponsor.

Take an active role in the ad's success. If you think the ad copy isn't as effective as it could be, suggest changes, especially if they'll make the ad more relevant to your own audience. Text ads are easier to change on the fly, but give it a shot anyway with an HTML ad. All your advertiser can do is decline, but you could be helping yourself down the road.

Also, change the ad copy periodically - every few issues, perhaps, depending on your own publishing schedule. The more often you publish, the more frequently you should refresh your ads so that they continue to offer readers something new.

This goes for your own ad copy, whether you buy ad space, write copy to accompany link exchanges or swap ads with other publications. Position yourself where you think you'll garner the best audience, stay there as long as you can and freshen up once in a while.

Ezine-Tips for July 19, 2001

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