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Christopher Knight

How To Find Ad Agencies That Will Sell Advertising On Your List For You
By Christopher Knight

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BEFORE this can happen, a few things need to happen with your list, if they haven't already. You should have:

  • 10,000+ list members

  • 1,000,000+ impressions of anything

  • Website & list brand name in tact or easily identified

  • Professional customer service approach to list management

  • List is professional run, and up more than down, for optimum confidence

  • You're number 1 or 2 in your defined niche

  • You have attracted either media attention or advertiser lead generation

  • You already have sold advertising yourself

If you don't have the majority of the above, set your sights at mastering some or all of the above areas, BEFORE approaching ad agencies to sell for you.

Some additional nuggets:

  • You must be able to sell your own advertising, before you expect someone else to be able to sell for you.

  • No one will ever care as much as you, about selling advertising or seeing your list succeed, financially.

  • If an agency offered you 50% of the profits, and they don't sell or don't prioritize selling your list advertising, did you really get a good deal?

  • Don't sign anything without legal counsel. This may be obvious, but if the deal looks small now, it won't be such a small deal when your list is cranking 6 digits of $$$,$$$ value and you didn't take care of your best interests up front.

  • Make sure the ad agency you scope out has a FOCUS in your niche. This is VERY important to the success of any possible relationship. Find folks who already have interests in related or competing niche that is related to the one your list serves.

  • Expect to have to ADD value after the deal, and continue to be at the center core of the value for the list, even after someone else is selling list advertising for you.

It would be pretty difficult to list all of the tens of thousands of ad agencies -- so I'd suggest that if you don't know which ones focus on the niche that your ezine serves; then, that is your homework this week. :-)

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Ezine-Tips for October 17, 1998

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