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Christopher Knight

How To Make Money With Your Email Discussion List Part 8 of 10
By Christopher Knight

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Welcome to part 8 of a 10 part series on how to make money with your list.

Today's Tip: Leverage Private Email Discussion Lists

Private email discussion lists can help speed communication, increase competitive edge, decrease time-to-market with new offerings and increase execution / implementation speed... All of which increase profits!

PREMISE: If you increase the SPEED of communication with and between KEY people, you can increase your wealth. If you increase the EASE of communication between KEY people, you can get products to market faster, solve problems quicker, and gain an incredible competitive edge in the marketplace.

HOW you ask?

Setup a private email discussion list for your:

  • Board Members, improve thinking speed/collaboration
  • Employees, separated by division or department, to increase communication
  • Resellers to collaborate on how to increase sales & ROI
  • Associates/Affiliates/and bird-doggers to increase knowledge transfer
  • Dealers, to increase communication & improve relationships
  • Special task forces & special work consultants hired to get a job done

Definition of a Private Email Discussion List: Just like a PUBLIC email discussion list, except that the membership is CLOSED, and the list owner approves and controls who is on the list at all times.

Most email list services are under $49 a month for a simple email discussion list service or you can run one yourself. Bottom line is that they can be an extremely profitable way to speed & increase communication, and give you and your company an edge that your competitors most likely do not have.

You can also use this concept with PUBLIC discussion lists to solve business or personal problems, or help with educational issues, such as studying for an exam/certification that is popular - and pulling together a couple hundred or thousand other folks on Earth that are doing the same thing.

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Ezine-Tips for September 25, 1998

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