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Christopher Knight

How To Make Money With Your Newsletter Part 10 of 10
By Christopher Knight

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Welcome to part 10 of a 10 part series on how to make money with your list.

Today's Tip: Use your email newsletter or announcement list to help get a better & higher paying job

How To Use Your List To Get A Better & Higher Paying Job:

First, you have to remember that who ever owns the list, has an inferred social proof or expert power given unto them, whether the list owner is an expert or not is not relevant in the beginning.

Second, if your goal is to find a high or higher paying job by using your list as your demand creation vehicle, start out with deciding who your potential employers might be. Learn about their culture and values and create your list to be supportive of a broad category within your expertise, but with subtle undertones of the core values of the employer you wish to work for in the future.

This method of job prospecting also eliminates the need for you to go looking for a better job, because you are almost assured of being offered many as your list becomes successful. This saves you time and money, and allows you to set your terms, rather than taking what you can get.

Recognize that every email communication through your list is a sales job, where your goal is to sell yourself, your concept, your idea, your offer, your goals, your hopes for others, your expectations and your expertise. As long as you are selling yourself, keep your spelling and grammar first class, as well as your professionalism through the list. ie: Don't slouch, swear, or do anything you wouldn't do in an interview.

Don't underestimate the power of the folks you attract to your list. There is value in being in the center of experts who may know even more than you do, about the list topic or expertise area. Many employers will look at your value as not only your value, but your value PLUS the value of the knowledge of the folks you attracted to your list, which in the end, may contribute to your employers end outcomes and value.

It's ok to say through your list that you are looking for employment opportunities or better yet, tell your list that you are looking to help some companies with your core expertise, and if interested, to contact you. Then you can decide if you want to become a consultant or employee if the offer is right.

You may also sell your list as an asset and become the managing editor of your list(s) for your new employer. Many companies are doing this today, and of the half dozen friends of mine who had their list bought and became an employee, the average annual salary was in the high $60K's, so it's not too shabby. :) Some of the smart ones also got xx percent of annual sales of their list even after they sold it. Folks, this is a proven model. Check it out. :)

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Ezine-Tips for October 06, 1998

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